Community of Investigative Journalists – Fond 19/29 (Sdružení investigativních novinářů – Fond 19/29)

We are the numbers refer to the freedom of expression Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of the Russian Constitution – is an international NGO registered in 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic (identification number 04222792) by two independent Russian journalists.

Statutory Goals:

  • providing professional, financial and legal assistance to independent Russian journalists in their investigations;
  • helping investigative reporters and bloggers to develop their professional skills, using new media technologies, putting together professional journalism skills and potential of citizen journalism and social media to achieve high-standard broad investigative reporting;
  • monitoring cases of journalists who are in trouble due to their work, as well as the state of official investigations into crimes against journalists;
  • monitoring assaults against investigative reporters, violations of their rights, cases of prevention journalists from getting information from official institutions;
  • networking with investigative reporters globally;
  • encouraging trans-border investigations of corruption and criminal cases.

Fond 19/29 is a member of the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN); partnering with Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP); member of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.


Our team

Co-founder, Director

Co-founder, Head of programs

Our projects:

Investigative School

2015 – present. Seminars and master classes in the Russian regions and Prague for investigative reporters and bloggers willing to develop their professional skills, improve investigative techniques, master new technologies and legal intricacies, taking into account the rapidly changing Russian legislation; master new technologies and effectively combine opportunities of professional and citizen journalism.

The Community of Investigative Journalists – Fond 19/29 team has been doing trainings in Moscow, Yaroslavl, St. Petersburg, Gunib (Dagestan), Yakutsk., Vladimir, Voronezh, Stavropol, Kazan, Podolsk, Tomsk, Kyzil, Niznevartovsk, Kaliningrad, Petrozavodsk, Perm, other Russian regional centers and Prague. The leading Russian and foreign investigative journalists (including colleagues from the OCCRP), legal and cyber security experts, are invited as guest-lecturers and trainers. Applicants had to send to the organizers their CVs and motivation letters. Each seminar can host 15 students. The training is free.

Members of the CIJ-Fond 19/29 team keep contact with the former participants consult them on their investigations and help with planning and editing.

In view of Covid-19 pandemic hitting the world and each country and region a program of webinars is being developed to adjust the plans already outlined and expand the opportunities for potential participants.

Rebooting Regional Investigative Journalism in Russia

2018-2019. Joint project with Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). Eight three days and two days trainings in the Russian regions according to the program « Investigative Journalism: new challenges, trends, techniques».

The project was designed for young regional journalists working in traditional and online media, as well as for civil society activists mastering intricacies of anti-corruption investigations.

The goal was to provide colleagues with the best world practices, to improve the quality of investigations, to acquaint participants with new trends and prospects that cross-border investigations and interaction of reporters from different countries open up.

The multimedia and video techniques, basics of data journalism, specifics of open source investigations,  essentials of physical, legal and digital security in the environment hostile to investigator – all this was included in the program, within which the best Russian professionals collaborating on OCCRP projects shared their knowledge and experience.

Journalists and civil activists from the regions have got the opportunity to build the horizontal network in Russia and outside Russia, and also see themselves as part of the international professional community. The best investigations of participants were published in the Russian independent media.

Investigative journalism. Pressure points of the Regions

2016-2017. The program was designed for investigative reporters from the Russian regions willing to build up their professional skills, broaden their knowledge of new media technologies and data journalism, provide them with instruments to strengthen their safety while doing investigations.

The free training included seminars in Moscow and Prague by leading journalists of CIJ-Fond 19/29, Novaya Gazeta and Vedomosti (Russia) and Czech colleagues from OCCRP. First applicants had to send their CVs and motivation letters to the organizers. Those who were picked up as participants also sent the topics of the stories they plan to do as part of the project. In-between interactive seminars participants worked on their investigations being consulted by the program tutors. The best investigations were published in Novaya Gazeta (Russia) and biggest independent Russian Internet media.