The co-founders of the Community of Investigative Journalists - Foundation 19/29 are three independent Russian journalists:

Grigory Pasko. Director, Community of Investigative Journalists – Fond 19/29. Journalist, writer, film-maker, ecologist and human rights activist. Graduate of the Journalism School of Lvov Military Academy he started his career as a military correspondent on the Pacific fleet and became known for his stories critical of the Russian military polluting the ocean. In the end of the 90s he served two years in prison on a faked “spy” charge due to his professional activities and was proclaimed by Amnesty International prisoner of conscience. Getting out of prison he entered the Law School of the Russian Humanitarian University. He then worked as a staff writer in Novaya Gazeta, as the Editor-in- Chief of the “Ecology and Law” magazine. In 2004- 2005 he participated in a research program at the Kennan Institute (Galina Starovoitova Fellow on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars). Author and producer of documentaries on ecologic problems “Zone of High Risk”, “Buried at Sea”, author of the books “Appointed a Spy”, “The Color of Times”, “Honigkuchen”, “Die Rote Zone”. Grigory Pasko also conducted the special course on investigative journalism at the Journalism School, Moscow State University, since 2011 is organizing training seminars for investigative journalists and bloggers in the Russian regions.
Pasko is a winner of the international “Press Freedom Award”; of the Alfred Toepfer Pushkin award; Erich Maria Remarque award; “Ecology of Russia-98” award; Reporters sans Frontier award.

Galina Sidorova. Graduate of the Journalism School, University of International Relations Moscow) at different stages of her career Sidorova was a staff writer, analyst, special and diplomatic correspondent, member of the editorial board of the Russian weekly Novoye Vremia (New Times). She reported from most of the hot spots of the former Soviet Union, wrote high- profile stories on Russian domestic and foreign policies and interviewed leading politicians of perestroika times. She was political advisor to the Foreign Minister of Russia (1992-1994). In mid 90s she also was coordinator for Russia, in the Commission for the Greater Europe – informal platform for discussions between European and new Russian democratic leaders. For ten years (2001-2010) Sidorova worked as Editor-in- Chief of Sovershenno Secretno monthly (the first independent Russian newspaper, specializing in investigative reporting) being also one of its leading authors. In 2012-2014 she was elected Chair of the Executive board of the Vienna based International Press Institute (IPI), a global network of editors, media executives and leading journalists dedicated to the protection of press freedom. At the moment she is the author and columnist with RFE/RL –Radio Svoboda (Moscow). She is also doing trainings for the investigative journalists and bloggers in the Russian regions.
Winner of the Russian national Artiom Borovik award “For the Best Journalist Investigation” (2007).

Igor Korolkov, a well-known Russian investigative journalist. Graduate of the journalism School of Kiev University, he has worked as a correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda daily and then successively as investigative reporter with Izvestia, Moskovskiye Novosty (Moscow news) and Novaya Gazeta. He is now contributing stories to different Russian media. He is also lecturing and conducting regional seminars for young investigative journalists and bloggers in the Russian regions.
Winner of the Russian Union of Journalists’ national award “For the Best Journalist Investigation -1996”, winner of the Academy of Free Press award -1997.